Thursday, June 19, 2014

Patriotic Pallet Tray

I was recently commissioned to make some patriotic accessories for a relative. I was given some odds and ends from a goodwill store, and challenged to make them into some cute Americana decor. One of the pieces was a woven serving tray that I just couldn't get to cooperate. I decided that it would be much easier to make one on my own. And so I did! This is what I came up with. It was a matter of cutting some wood pieces about 18" long and then painting them, then I cut the 13" rails and painted them as well. Next, I attached the handles, which I decided to distress a little with sandpaper, to give them a little more character. To further embellish my pallet tray, I decoupaged some scrapbook paper flags that I had cut out and finally added "God Bless America," that I had cut out of vinyl with my Silhouette. I used the outdoor Mod Podge over the whole piece and then finished it with Annie Sloan finishing wax to make it more durable for outdoor use. That's about it! I have plans to make some more of these. I picked up some additional handles today, in fact. I am so excited to see what I can come up with! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Patriotic Wooden Fireworks Decoration

So, apparently I like wood. Or at least I like to craft with it. I can't seem to get away from using it every chance I get. But that's ok! I have been coming up with some awfully cute designs, if I do say so myself. Oh, wait... I just DID say so. ANYWAY...

It's about time for another monthly crafty group meeting and I was asked to come up with something Americana/patriotic/4th of July-ish. I had some wood 1x4" boards and some navy blue vinyl and some assorted paints and stuff on hand, so I went to town.

This is what I came up with. A cute little trio of firecrackers wrapped in twine with a little sign hanging from it. I just think it is precious. Yep. Americana preciousness. Awwwww.

So now I am on to assembling all the kits for my friends and I to put all these together. I am blessed to have friends who like to craft with me. It really is my passion. Love love love it!
I wish I could start a business making and selling the things I made. Oh wait!! I did! ;-)

Note to self: stock your dang Etsy store....

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Mini-Pallet Custom Sign

Been working on some cool projects lately! Would have been nice if I had remembered that I am a blogger and should have taken pictures so I could brag about share them with you! Right?? I keep doing that. (Or not doing that...)

Anyway, thought I would show you the latest project. Kim, (same person that I made the giant pallet art sign for,) asked me if I could come up with a cute way to remind her 4 kids not to put their wet towels in the regular dirty clothes basket. I am still loving that she gives me so much leeway. Just a suggestion, and then tell me to go for it. So awesome!! Then she tells me how cute my stuff is! And she pays me for it!! BEST.THING.EVER.

So here it is! The mini pallet, custom, no wet towels reminder sign/craft! Ta da!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

He is Risen Sign

I have been happily making a bunch of these He is risen signs for the last few weeks. They are so quick and easy to do! In fact, I recently shared this craft with a group of about 20 women, all part of my MOPS/MomsNext group. We got together on a Thursday evening and we all went home with a version of the cross sign. It was a total success! Even the ladies that aren't that crafty had an easy time doing this one.

I purchased the crosses at Hobby Lobby and cut the boards myself. The words were cut on my Silhouette machine and then we decoupaged the paper onto the wood pieces. Then we embellished.

I have posted a couple of my favorite examples. Really, the sky is the limit! Just find coordinating paper and a few supplies and you are ready for for action.

Bunny Wreath

So, I realized that I had been neglecting my little bloggy-poo. Thought I would at least post some pictures of what I had been working on lately. This little bunny wreath I created for my crafty group to do this weekend. Straightforward craft really. I just think it is super cute. Should be a fun night with my lady friends! Looking forward to it!

I just cut the bunny out of wood, tied a bow around its' neck, attached it with some craft wire. I tied some tulle around the wreath form in a bow and added some foam eggs that I had on hand. I cut the words from vinyl using my silhouette and decoupaged the decorative paper over the wood sign, which I also cut with my scroll saw.

Though you can't really tell very well in this picture, I used some light pink ink and a sponge to the inside of the bunny ears, just to give it some color.

Let's call this bunny done. Tada!
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