Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jenga Keychain

For the last several months I have been getting together with a group of new friends to do different crafts and have been having a BLAST!! It was my turn to host the monthly craft night, and so I settled on a Jenga piece keychain. I had made a couple of  them in the summertime for some of my female relatives birthdays, and they seemed to enjoy them. Seemed perfect to me! So a group of us gathered at my house on a recent Friday night and decoupaged to our little hearts content. :)
Thankfully, my husband took all 4 of the kids out for ice cream and a movie during our gathering. (Thanks honey...) But when my kids got home and saw what we made, they wanted to get in on the action too! And since I am all for getting my kids to be creative, we spent a good chunk of our Saturday afternoon crafting at the kitchen table. LOVED it!! We couldn't stop ourselves. Personally, I lost count of how many of them I made that day. Here is a good tutorial if you would like to make your own. They are good little gifts, I am finding. Everyone that has received one has loved theirs. The kids made theirs to put on their lunch bags and backpacks. They were so proud of them! Here is a sampling of what came out of our crafting.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Painted "Candy" Holder

This is an example of another little project that my sister-in-law and I made during our Fall craft morning. I had seen larger examples with a basic tutorial like this one that inspired my version. It is hard to tell, but I "antiqued" the edges with some ink and wiped off the excess. The inspiration version is filled with candy corn. Now, you should know that I LOVE candy corn. So much so, that I didn't fill it with the lovely candy treats so that I wouldn't tempt myself with eating them all day long. ;-) Instead, I chose cute little squash with some leaves and a pinecone borrowed from another decoration. I really like the way things turned out. 

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Fall Mod Podged Pumpkin

I had been thinking of a couple of different projects that I wanted to try to use a dollar store pumpkin that has been sitting around "haunting" me. It had been spray painted white, then painted black, then I added a fall leaf thingy. I just couldn't decide what would make my happy. Then I saw this scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby and I LOVED it. I had seen a mod podge pumpkin here and was interested in that idea. I also had been meaning to invite my sister-in-law over for some fall crafting and so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity. It was a pretty straightforward craft. We took the paper, ripped it up in manageable pieces, and mod podged that baby. I hot glued some random spare leaves and added a fall berry spray that I had attached to another project. I antiqued the pumpkin with one of my ink pads and wiped off the excess. Lastly, I put it on one of my black candlesticks in an arrangement. I love the results!

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