Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mini Pallet Art Quote Gift

Yikes! I haven't posted anything in so long! I have 12 minutes until a new year begins so I think I will squeak in my latest project. So, I have yet to meet up with a couple of special friends to exchange our Christmas gifts. We are doing coffee tomorrow and so you have to keep this one a secret until then. Haha. I am pretty sure tomorrow when she opens her package from me, she would act surprised anyway. She is just that kind of friend. Ok, this is the result of my last minute craft rush.
It is similar to all the other pallet and subway art that I have been working on lately. I just took two planks and glued them together. Cut her favorite quote out of vinyl and set it aside. I did a base coat of the lighter color (it's blue, even though you can't tell very easily.) Then after it dried, I applied the vinyl words to the wood boards. Then I carefully painted the darker brown coat over the whole project and allowed it to dry. Then I removed the vinyl stickers and lightly sanded the whole surface. Lastly, I applied a finishing wax and buffed it to finish it off. I think it is pretty nice. I am getting better at these puppies. Much faster than the couple of days of work that the first few took, at least. Hooray for accomplishments! :)
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