Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Polka Dot Teacher Appreciation Frame

I needed a gift for my daughter's teacher. We have really been blessed to have her this  year. This is her first year at our school and I can say that she is such a great addition to the staff! You can tell she really cares about her kids. That leads to happy Moms and awesome kid learners. So, I am her room parent. End of the year means a gift. What was I to do?? We never have a lot of spare money these days but I always seem to have an abundance of craft supplies. I mean, I could have gotten her a gift card to somewhere, but, that didn't seem cheap thoughtful enough for me. So I began to peruse Pinterest and then rummage through my stash. Started with a wreath idea I saw, with pencils around a chalkboard in a sunburst pattern. I had the materials so I gave it a shot. Ended up hating it. Then I decoupaged a frame I had on hand and printed a "welcome" sign to put in the frame. I started to like what I was doing. Then I added pencils to the top of the frame to give a "princessy" crown feel. Ended up hating it again. I couldn't seem to ditch the pencil idea. Well, I polled my crafty buddies and asked them what they thought. The opinions were unanimous. LOSE THE PENCILS. Okay, I thought. I will abandon my original inspiration. Guess what... They were right! It looked so cute and I can say that I am very happy with the final result. So it will not be a hanging wreath decoration, but will be a cute frame and will rest on a handy dandy plate holder/rack from Hobby Lobby. Another year done. Thank you Mrs. Carrillo for a fabulous year!

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