Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crafting the Solar System

Making the Earth pretty
Today was a busy day for us, here in the Avila house. Lots going on, for sure. One of the more fun things was special crafting time with my Sophie. She was given the option last week of doing a weeks worth of homework, or making a solar system and not having to do homework at all. Sophie chose to make a project. (That's my girl...)

The painting begins
We bought the supplies last weekend and slowly started doing prep work, such as titles and planetary research. This morning we worked together for a couple hours and she finished up rather easily. It is really lots of fun to see kids majorly enjoying the learning process. I now know that she can tell you all the planets and their orders without even looking. She may even be able to say them without the infamous joking about the "unfortunately named" planet. (Oh come on now, don't tell me you don't know what I mean...)

I was really proud of all her work. Even the work she did on her face,  "just to look like a real artist."
Sophie, the REAL artist

The final result!

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