Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sage's Birthday Gift

My two oldest kids were invited to a birthday party adventure this weekend and I needed to get creative with the gift. After some brainstorming for options, we settled on candy- lots of candy. Candy is always popular with 14 year olds, or so I have been schooled by my OWN 14 year old. So keeping that in mind, I thought I would dig out my stash of drink carriers and look for something creative to hold the candy. I just happened to have a quart canning jar that would fit the bill. One of the other crafty things I keep noticing on other blogs and in the hands of friends, are those clear eco-cups that have been decorated with die cut vinyl. Very cute!! I just recently made my own and thought that I could make one of those to put in the other side. Seemed appropriate for a drink holder, right?? Off I went, crafting the night away after a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for the cup and some ribbon and Winco for the candy. As of right now, the kids are still at the party. I can't wait to find out what she thinks of it!

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  1. I'll be celebrating my birthday next this April 7. Aside from birthday cards I hope I can have a good gift from my parents. I really want to have that Ipad 2 in my hands!


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