Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The tooth has left the building!

I just thought I would give a quick update since something important happened recently to my ultra fabulous youngest son. I would like to report that Mr. Bravest Boy Ever, AKA Mason, has successfully pulled his first big tooth all by himself. I am soooo glad too! Because, between you and me, he kinda looked a little funny since his tooth was perpendicular to his chin, it was sticking out so far. You know, it was being pushed out of his mouth by his brand new tooth and he was just pretending that it wasn't. (Too much hassle to deal with, I guess.) When I would mention to him that it was time to get that puppy out, he would exclaim that I was simply wrong and that was just how it had decided to grow. Couldn't possible be that another tooth was wanting to take its' place. (Moms never know what they are talking about, right??) Anyway, he finally decided that maybe that silly looking front tooth needed some attention. I made sure that I told him what a great decision he has made and that his other teeth will surely thank him later. ;-) So, he sat on his video game chair with a raggedy old towel firmly on his tooth and wiggled and twisted and wiggled and twisted and proclaimed LOUDLY that "some blood was coming out." We all got very excited. He got very serious. He said "that must mean that it is really loose." I said, "yep." I didn't want to over excite the overly excited situation. lol. So, to shorten the story, the tooth was extracted. Funny thing is, as has happened with my other tooth losers, it was out in the towel before he even realized it had been pulled. I actually had to point it out to him. Funny kid. We have never made a big deal of the tooth fairy so he frankly asked me, right then and there, "does this mean you're gonna give me Slurpee money now?" (ooooh, busted...) I told him that, yes, indeed, he would be the recipient of Slurpee funds and that when he was ready, I would take him. Of course, he was immediately ready (I kinda figured it would play out like that,) and so off we went to get his reward Slurpee. He was very proud that day, of his giant accomplishment, and I was very proud to have a son with one less wacky tooth. Now on to the next one...

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  1. Nice one! Pulling that baby tooth can be really satisfying for kids, no? Though it's a bit gross for some, it's a milestone that shows the kid is likely to get his permanent teeth soon.

    -Kristen Marlin


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