Saturday, May 14, 2011

Strawberry Jam

7 cups of sugar!! Can you believe it?!

A little on the tart side. Still early in the season.

We popped open the small one for a taste.
Nothing like warm jam on toast. So good!
Full rolling boil... Seems to take forever!

We have had strawberries in our house several times this season and have enjoyed them plain, with brown sugar sauce and as shortcake. I kept PROMISING myself  that next time I bought some, I would make some jam. It is a tradition that I started several years ago when I discovered just how much better homemade is.

I bought myself the Ball Blue Book of Preserving and have made all sorts of recipes from it. One of the other new traditions is sweet pickle relish. I can't even eat any store bought kind anymore. It just all tastes so flavorless and weird. I guess I am spoiled. It just so happens, I am out of it. Looks like I will be making some relish in the near future too. But for now, I have made my first batch of jam for the season and I feel like I accomplished something today. That is a totally good thing. 

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  1. I love Strawberry Jam! It makes your tongue smile!


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