Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mickey Pinata

Woohoo! Mason's pinata. It's finished!
One of the things that my son and I had decided that we would do for his 7th birthday, was to have a pinata. After all, his cousin had one, so he was excited to have his own. He wanted some Laffy Taffy's and Jolly Ranchers for himself! Since I knew we were having a Mickey Mouse themed party, (at his request. HOORAY AN EASY THEME!!) I started to brainstorm for a way to do a cute pinata. I happened to find one here with a good tutorial which I followed (mostly) pretty easily. I am thankful for that, since it put me out of my misery while I was trying to wrap my brain around making a mouse shaped balloon to turn into a traditional pinata form, like I had been seeing all over the internet. I like that I was able to take the easy route instead. So, basically, I followed the tutorial and then made my own interpretation of that idea. I ended up spray painting it black instead of using tissue paper and cut a little trap door flap from the back instead of leaving the top open. I also used a rip cord to secure the pinata for hanging by poking two holes in between the ears. That made it pretty sturdy, which is good since I jammed that thing with tons of candy and a gold coin which will allow its' finder to receive a special prize. That is a new twist for us. Sounded like a fun thing to do anyway... we shall see! Here is the product, filled and waiting to be beaten to a pulp. I can't wait! ;-)


  1. Too cute- I'll have to check out the tutorial since I'm going to try and make a Halloween pinata for a party

  2. Cute! I used the same tutorial to make my daughter's Minnie pinata!



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