Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mustache Cupcakes

This is a quick little post just to show you what I am up to tonight. My fabulous oldest son is turning 12 this weekend and, as per tradition, requested cupcakes to share with his class. My kids LOVE doing this! They have fun choosing different themes for their cupcakes each year and this time my son liked the mustache idea. So... I made 34 mustaches in 3 different shapes, in 4 different "hair" colors. I just free-handed some patterns and then cut them out with my favorite sharp scissors.

I can't believe my baby boy is such a grown up young man all of a sudden. I mean, 12 is a big deal! He is already taller than me and is just beginning his growth spurt!! Someone call the NFL, quick!! Haha. He is a special needs kid, Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, and has required a lot of extra attention and patience through the years. But I will say it has all been worth it- every single second!! I am loving the sweet caring intelligent person that he is. Very proud to be blessed with my Evan. :) Happy Birthday kiddo! I love my little Evan Monkey! (He does not like it when I call him that anymore... but he doesn't read my blog, generally, so I am FREE to be sentimental...)

**UPDATE:  Report on the 12 year old's birthday: We had Slurpees, listened to LOUD music and cruised around singing even louder (and I was only slightly embarrassed,) played demo video games at Target for about 100 years (or so it seemed, lol,) and... get this... bought. him. a. cell. phone. Ugh. A pay as you go one, but still. Gotta start somewhere. I can't believe he is old/mature enough to have one. Geesh.
Now on to making deep dish pizza and a poke cake. :)

To be honest, it is kind of nice when your child asks to keep it simple. Takes a lot of pressure off of the mama. I love that boy. ;-)

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