Friday, November 11, 2011

Repurposed and Upcycled Cuteness

One of my crafty friends has a relative who was in the cabinet business and recently offered some old doors and wooden pieces to the craft group I belong to. I was so excited! After all, a couple of weeks ago, I had been to a boutique and participated in a hands on tutorial, through a chalk paint demonstrator, and walked away with a cute little frame (which I added to my fall decor) and an old breadboard (that I later embellished and am holding for Christmas.) This little hands on tutorial is what spurred our group to make a bunch of other goodies with the generously donated cabinet doors. I am still in the process of embellishing and re-purposing my little stash. What fun I am having!! Serious amounts of it, that is for sure.

 I have another friend who was in need of a wedding gift and had something in mind that she was looking for and asked if I had seen anything around town like what she was describing. Well, I hadn't. But I did have a fabulous idea and one of my doors would soon have a new home. So I was commissioned. I purchased the wording at Target, spray painted the door, added picture frame hooks and sanded it down. Then I created the bow with some tulle I had on hand and added a cute little flower and picture frame ornament. I know I would have loved to receive such a gift. My friend seemed to be happy with the results! Upcycling at its' finest!

Another couple of projects have come about from the same batch of awesome cabinet doors. I made a family prayer board. I painted the door black, added chalkboard paint to the center panel, distressed it, then added "pray" with vinyl lettering. It is hung near the entrance to my kitchen so that every time I walk by or when we are sitting at our table, I am reminded to pray. I need to work on a blessing board too. We certainly have our share of those too!! ;-) 

The red and blue doors are mad at me right now. They are feeling neglected and abandoned. And they should! That is because they have been sitting over in my craft corner for a few weeks, BEGGING to find a place or be embellished or SOMETHING!! (And driving me crazy...) Let's just call those abandoned doors, works in progress. My husband said, as I lay them on the table to take a photo, "I like the red one." Now, for him to have an opinion of anything crafty is madness. Madness, I tell you. ;-) So, that must be rectified immediately. I am thinking of figuring out a cute way to display it as a countdown to Christmas or something fun like that. I will be sure to post the results. As for the blue one... I am thinking it would make an excellent gift. Once I think of a clever saying for it. We shall see! I also made one last item which is probably my favorite item I have done so far. Unfortunately, I'll have to be a tease and just tell you that it is the cutest shabby chic little double chalkboard that you ever did see! ;-) I loaned it out to use as a sample for one of our local MOPS groups who were also blessed with the opportunity to make some similar projects at a recent meeting. All thanks to a retired cabinet makers daughter and her willingness to facilitate it all. How awesome is that??!!

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