Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cure Your Hiccups!!

Been crazy in our house lately! End of the school year with 4 kids makes life a little more difficult. (Who am I kidding. 4 kids is ALWAYS more difficult...) What has made it even more interesting is that my husband recently received a promotion (along with a shift change) at work. Hooray for promotions and accompanying pay raises!! However, it has turned our world upside down to say the least... SO, I haven't been inspired to do much blogging. Until this morning...
My lovely youngest daughter has had hiccups off and on for a few days now and as cute as she is, it is a tad annoying after a little while. (Just keeping it real. lol.) After the holding of breath and brotherly scaring failed to work, we got more serious in searching for answers. Then suddenly I recalled a fabulous remedy that hadn't been pulled out of my arsenal is quite some time. This bout of diaphragm spasms called for the big guns... So...
I had my daughter grab a glass of water and I searched the junk drawer (come on, you know you all have one...) until we found a book of matches that I was CERTAIN we must have. Then, I gave my daughter the whole "drink it all without stopping" speech, lit the match and extinguished it in the water. She drank it down quickly and she set the cup down. We stared at each other for half a minute or so waiting to hear the dreaded hick sound. Nothing. We began to giggle. Stared at each other a little bit more, waiting. STILL nothing. HOORAY!! Conquered the hiccups. Yep. Next mission?? Tell all the world about this free fail-proof cure. First stop- the blogosphere. ;-)

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