Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Accessories

I had to make another gift for my daughter to take to a birthday party and so I thought I would pull out my jewelry finding and stuff and see what I could come up with. It got late and I had to put my stuff away, but I think I could have kept going. It is so much fun for me to limit my supplies and be as creative as I can be with what I have on hand. Seems I usually like what comes out of it even better than if I plan and plan for stuff. Go figure! 

This one is mine. I think. It is definitely my favorite, that is for sure! And I didn't send it with my daughter to be a gift... SO... looks like it is gonna need to stay in my jewelry box. :) I got the pendant blanks from my new favorite craft store, "Pick Your Plum." I think I may share this picture with them. I also used an internet purchase, some cute little resin flowers, which may have been Pick Your Plum as well. I put it together by cutting some scrapbook paper into a circle, adding it with Mod Podge, cutting the prongs off of a pearl topped brad and attaching that. Then I added a rhinestone adhesive piece and the resin flower was adhered in place with dimension magic as I covered the entire surface in a light coating and allowed to dry. Then I added the bead triplet to the pendant's jump ring. It is hanging from a ball chain. I am loving it!!
This is actually a rag rose necklace that I made at a recent craft group meeting. I had forgotten about it and my younger daughter had taken it hostage. That is a good thing, since I had made it for her to begin with. It reminds me of those giant suckers you get at carnivals. I just thought I would go ahead and share it since I was in accessory mode. ;-)

This is one my oldest designed. I had already put together the gift she was going to give her friend and she liked my bottlecap stash (also from Pick Your Plum) and so she wanted not to be forgotten in the cute accessory department. SO... she chose a white bottle cap, micro fine glitter, flat backed rhinestones, and a cute little pink resin flower from the same bunch I used on my other projects. I just attached a jewelry bail to the back with E6000 adhesive and covered the base with the flower, etc, with more Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. She said it was "totally punk rock boss." Not sure what that means exactly. I am guessing it is a good thing. Of course, she is not here to confirm that is what she said, so I could be making it up. ;-) In any case, I am sure she will wear it to death in the coming months.

This is the one that my older daughter had me make for her friend. She was really happy with it's simplicity. However, I almost felt it was too simple. Oh well. And get this... I only have THIS picture of it! With the bubbles in it and everything. I am bummed. I am still a baby blogger with blossoming skills. (At least that is my excuse.) ;-) I was able to save it by moving the flower around adding some more Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (my favorite craft supply currently.) Anyway, it is so cute on her. Love it!

This is the rag rose and tulle hair clip that  my daughter had me make to give her friend for another birthday gift. I actually attached it to a tulle ribbon on the little box, along with a coordinating tag so it did double duty. I added a flat back pearl to the center for some fanciness. I think this is one of those things that is cuter in real life. My daughter said she liked it, so I guess it goes over well with the high schoolers. That is a good thing since it is a gift for one of those creatures. I need to keep practicing these sorts of things. I just attached an alligator clip to the back so she (the gift recipient) could use it in other ways if she wanted. Hope she likes it!


  1. I love the bottle cap charms! So pretty! I have some bottle caps at home, I should think about doing something like that :)

  2. These are wonderful! I especially like the rag rose necklace. Very nice job and so perfect for spring.

  3. I actually love the zebra bottle cap necklace the best, though they are all pretty. :)


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