Monday, January 9, 2012

Owl Invitations for Abby

3 of the 15 various designs. The body was cut freehand and the pieces were punched out. The party info is on the back on white cardstock. Simple and effective, and VERY last minute. ;-)

My lovely daughter is going to turn 15 this weekend. 15!!! WOW! Cannot believe it. Some of the traits she inherited from me are her procrastination tendencies and her fickle mind-changing ability. You see, she wasn't going to have a party. She just wanted to get sushi with me and have Starbucks at some point during the day. Yay! I thought it was time for grown up celebrations! I was a little sad but secretly relieved. Until... she came to me this past week and proclaimed this: "You know Mom, I think I would like a party after all. Can "we" make invitations and start the planning soon?" Now, me being the Mom that I am, I want to swoop in and save the day. I went into party panic mode, planning as much as possible around her owl theme. I ordered fancy cookies, planned some game-ish type activities, designed decorations, you know, the usual. Then she gently (and smartly) reminded me that she was not 8 any more and that the fancy stuff wasn't necessary anymore. She "reminded" me that she needed only food and a cake and some goodies to give out as they leave and, she said, she could figure out the rest. OK! ok. o.k. I am officially off the party planning hook, other than to clean the house, provide the food and cake and make arrangements for her siblings to be on temporary hiatus (thank you Auntie Em...) She did leave me with the one fun little task of making some cutesy invitations. Owls and pink, are what she requested. Ahhhh. I am blessed that she still has a sweet side. I hope that never changes, (pretty sure it won't.) She likes what she likes and isn't afraid to express her tastes. I LOVE THAT ABOUT HER!! I say, keep being you, my sweet 15 year old daughter. You rock.


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  2. Oh I LOVE it SO much. Hope you can link this up at my turquoise lovin' party going on!!

  3. Those are adorable! I would've jumped into party planning mode as well. I'm just itching to throw just one fancy party.

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