Friday, August 17, 2012

Bottle Cap Embellished Flip Flops

My youngest daughter is going to a Birthday party tomorrow. Kind of a last minute invitation but it is one of her good friends so she is very excited to go! I have gotten in the habit of making my kid's friends gifts and so I just HAD to keep up the tradition! My daughter said that her friends say they have to invite her so they can see what I make next. SO... I had to come up with something quickly. My grandfather died this past week and lots has been going on family wise, so I haven't been in the craftiest of moods. Today, however, my husband and I took a quick trip to Michael's and I found a pair of flip flops that were on clearance. Suddenly it seemed that my gift dilemma was solved! I had seen some cute embellished flip flops on Pinterest and thought that would be a perfect gift that I could put together without even thinking much about it. I am happy with the results!
I just cut a bunch of ribbons about 6 inches long and double tied them on the plastic straps and then made a monogram bottle cap embellishment similar to the ones I had made for other gifts. Since I had all the supplies, it was a cinch to complete and cost me next to nothing. SUPER happy!! Hope my daughter's friend thinks they are as cute as I do. I am off to make a personalized composition notebook to match and then tie up some Jolly Ranchers in a cellophane bag with a cute little tag and call it good. (Blog posts and photos to follow...) :)

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  1. You seriously rock! I soooo miss you :( Love ya girlie!


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