Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wooden Jewelry Holder Story

Back in May, my friends and I got together to craft a simply adorable wooden tray/casserole holder. It was constructed of wooden plank-like pieces, had super cute handles, was stained a beautiful color, and a casserole pan fit beautifully inside of it when it was complete! Perfect! At least everyone else's version was... Mine, however, was not. I have a good excuse for letting my unfinished wooden tray/casserole holder, sit so long unfinished. Let me tell you my story really quickly. (I could use the vent...) ;-)

Earlier that day, the Saturday before Mother's Day to be exact, I was happily shopping at the Hobby Lobby (home away from home) and when I went to checkout, it seems I had "misplaced" my wallet IN THE HANDS OF A PICK-POCKET!! Yes ladies, it's true. I was pick-pocketed at Hobby Lobby. Totally learned a huge lesson that day. Do NOT under any circumstances let your purse hang behind you unzipped as you shop. I should have realized that the "eyes" that I felt on my back and then the two different people who "brushed" against me as I browsed the supplies, were not just coincidental. Now, I know I had my wallet with me before I got to the store because I had bought gas at the nearby gas station before I arrived. I know I hadn't left it there because I threw my wallet in my purse after I used my debit card. Here is where I went wrong: I didn't zip it up after I simply tossed my wallet back in my purse and drove away.

So, I shopped. My oldest daughter was with me that day. We talked, we browsed, we giggled, we planned a couple of projects and gathered the necessary supplies. We then headed to the checkout lanes. Got a total, reached into my purse to pay the nice lady and... NOTHING! I freaked out as I searched my purse at the checkout counter. No wallet. No sign of a wallet that resembled mine throughout the whole store. (Believe me, we checked everywhere.) I had no idea what to do next. I was very sad. VERY sad. Hardly ever carry cash, except on that day, of course. Grrr... Made a police report and did all the necessary stuff you have to do when something like that happens. Still haven't replaced my social security cards. Probably should do that... Ok, you may all feel sorry for me now...

So, later that day, after my head stopped spinning, I decided that I still wanted to go hang out with my friends and attempt  to make the wooden casserole holder that was planned for our gathering. I got there late and started hammering away. I shouldn't have. I messed up. A lot. My heart just wasn't in it no matter how hard I tried. I went ahead and stopped and took the supplies home with me. I set them in the corner of my craft area and they sat there for several months. Today I decided that I would do something with them. I had messed up the wood too badly to make it a usable tray or anything like that- too wobbly and dinged up. I decided to take a trip to the local OSH and picked up a package of cup hooks and a can of flat black spray paint. Drilled a couple of pilot holes in the side of the box, removed the handles from the outside (for use in a different project later.) After I had let the spray paint dry, I hung up my favorite necklaces for display. I am hoping that having them out will encourage me to do more than just collect them. Who knows! I may even wear them someday...

I am so happy to be done with my formerly unfinished project! I feel like I made something out of a bad situation. Hahaha. It wasn't the box's fault, after all. It deserved to be finished! It did nothing to hurt me! ;-) So it is finished and in my room enjoying it's new home. It isn't anything fancy, but functional (like me.) And that is ok too.

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