Thursday, July 21, 2011

Super Easy Wreath

To be honest, I am almost embarrassed to post this but am going to anyway because I am just in a rebellious kind of mood. Bwahahaha. I really do have a tendency to put things off. Not on purpose mind you, I just get sidetracked easily. Well, around Easter, I started thinking about my summer mantel (stinking thing is a pain in my backside...) It has been torturing me. Eating at me daily. Grrrrr. I keep getting inspiration then purchasing supplies and instead end up doing the dishes and then driving kids to the library and then paying the electric bill and then supervising bathtime and, well, you get the drift. Soooooo... Here it is the end of July and my fabulous Summer mantel is not yet complete. Today though, I got a creative moment. I pulled out one of my grapevine wreaths and contemplated my plans for it (I should own stock in the grapevine wreath company, if there is one.) I simply cut a bunch of coordinating fabric strips about 1 inch wide and about 10 inches long and double tied them in a random fashion around the wreath so that the colors were balanced. Then I decided to display it on a plate stand that I already had. Tada!! Not the most fabulous creation in the world but a definite step in the right direction. I am now officially one step closer to having my stinking "summer mantel" all finished. My goal is to have it up by the end of September. You can hold me to that deadline... if you wouldn't mind. ;-)

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