Friday, September 9, 2011

Mason's Mickey Mouse Birthday T-shirt

I saw a version of this shirt on Pinterest. (I am so thankful for that site. Still finding inspiration for projects every day. How did I live without it?!) I loved this idea for a "cool dude" shirt for my son to wear at his 7th birthday party. I showed a picture of the idea and he gave me his enthusiastically typical thumbs up sign. Hooray! It just so happened that the shirts were on sale at Michael's that week so I picked one up and came home to get started. First step was to cut out the shapes or design that I wanted to use and then I attached them to the front with double-sided adhesive tape. (I used scratch paper but if I did it again, I would  use card stock or vinyl letters. It turned out to be hard to keep the letters crisp and firmly attached to the shirt. Luckily I am not a huge perfectionist. (though the "o"  and one of the legs on the "m" still bug me to this day. lol.) So, once the letters/shapes are firmly attached, put a plastic bag inside the shirt so the back will be protected and tuck under the sleeves. Then fill some kind of spray bottle 3/4 full with bleach and 1/4 full with water and then spray away! I left the shirt on the bushes in front of my house for about an hour in the full sun and it was completely dry and ready to use in that amount of time. I really loved the results. Obviously each one would be unique and depending on which color shirt you choose, the effect will be different too! I saw a pink one (on Pinterest) that had white accents when bleached. I want to try a red one and see what will happen. Seems like a fun thing to do at a slumber party. I am keeping this idea in the memory bank for later. ;-)


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