Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Owl Chalkboard Sign

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in the garage mending my poor little scroll saw. I had neglected it for far too long. It was creaky, dusty and lacked the necessary blades. But what it needed more than anything, I think, was some love. SO that is what I gave it. Cleaned that puppy up and it is good to go! I used to make projects all the time with my scroll saw- sold the stuff even. Somewhere along the line it got pushed to the back of the hobby closet of life (I think it had something to do with my kids growing up and needing me...) ;-)  I am so excited to be able to do my wood crafting again! Trends have definitely changed in the last decade though. I need to find my current style that I identify with and go for it. Finally, I decided that I would make some kind of owl project. Didn't have any definite plans other than that. I sketched out a pattern on the back of a package of sandpaper, traced it onto my pine boards and cut away! I also loved that it gave me a chance to used up some of my ridiculously large scrapbook paper stash and mod podge stuff. Woohoo! I can't wait to figure out what I will make next!


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