Monday, September 12, 2011

Mickey Birthday Party Wrap-up

Very proud 7 year old pinata conqueror. He still has the remnants (that he insisted on keeping) in his closet. I wonder how long until it hits the trash. (I have already posted about the pinata, if you would like more details.)

It has been a couple of weeks since my youngest son had his 7th birthday bash and I am a bad mommy blogger. I took a bunch of pictures (when I wasn't herding children all around the house from activity to activity...) and had the best of intentions to post them all, but life gets in the way sometimes and I just didn't get around to posting them all in some fabulous creative way. What I have decided to do, so I can move on to bigger and better things, or at least THINK about bigger and better things, is to just post some of the photo highlights from his party. It was a huge success, I can tell you that! Tons of fun was had by all and we loved every minute of it, even though it was 102 degrees that day!! Now, I get a little reprieve from giant birthday parties for awhile since my next child's birthday is in January. Of course, there is a little something called THE HOLIDAYS thrown in there, just in case I get too relaxed...

The cupcakes that took the place of the traditional layer cake. I used my die cut machine to punch out the large circles and hand punches to cut out the smaller ones then attached them to a toothpick. Couldn't be easier!
Here is a closeup of one of the yummy cupcakes. I punked out and went with a store bought cake mix, but made the buttercream from scratch and practiced my piping skills with a pastry bag and added sprinkles.
I bought some Double Stuf Oreos and red chocolate melty discs (found at Michael's craft store) and couldn't figure out what to do to make the buttons on Mickey's "pants." Then I found tapioca pearls at WinCo in the bulk section and thought they would work perfectly. I think they did! These were almost as big of a hit as the caramel corn.

Red Vines had to be a part of the celebration, according to my son, so I wrapped them in Mickey Mouse scrapbook paper and put them on a tray. Tada! Simple.
This is the yummiest caramel corn that I have ever tasted. I did a blog post on it already so I will spare you the details, but, OH MY!! It is good. Check out the post on it for the recipe. :)

Found this idea on I thought it would make an adorable centerpiece. You can't tell, but the pail it's in used to be hot pink until it was spray painted black along with the styrofoam balls.) 
I got this goody bag idea on Pinterest too. I found the black bags at Hobby Lobby and used white vinyl punched out and cut red cardstock for the bottom.

This was the "private" cake that my son requested. It need a cake topper but would have looked funny with one of those tiny ones from the other cupcakes, so I whipped this one up LITERALLY at the last minute (which explains the lopsided edges.) I just sketched the shapes free-handed and taped them to a skewer and plopped them in the middle of the cake as guests were walking in the door. REALLY should have planned ahead for that one. Kinda stressed me out a little. lol...

These are cake stands I made from thrift store finds- random plates and candlesticks. I just used E6000 glue to attach the candlesticks to the plates. The red and white ones got a coat of spray paint and the clear stayed clear, of course. Less than $5.00 for all three! I love that! I just cut the shapes out of vinyl with my Cricut and can change them up for the seasons later. 

One of the games we played was a classic, the bean bag toss. I sketched out a Mickey head shape onto muslin, cut them out and then sewed them and stuffed them with rice. I then spray painted them and added a vinyl Mickey head shape to the front of a white bucket we already had. This was a pretty good game and worked well for all age groups. I mean, how can you go wrong with beanbags?! Pretend that you don't notice the 2 liter bottle of fruit punch that my son has in his hands. Just move along. Nothing to see here.) ;-)
This game was a fun one too. However... I can't believe this is the ONLY picture I have of it. Dang it. I called it the Hidden Mickey game. Originally, I had planned on making this an outdoor game but since it was so hot that day, we had to move it inside. I printed a Mickey head silhouette on regular printer paper, cut them into squares and added point values to the back of the paper. Then shoved about 125 pieces into rice that was filling a HUGE Tupperware bowl. Then they were blindfolded and they had to use one hand to pull out as many Hidden Mickey's as they could in 45 seconds. Whoever had the most points, won. Messy but FUN!! Even the grown-ups loved it!
Can't forget the birthday shirt! Yet another not-so-fabulous photo. Can't win them all! I made this after I showed the idea to my son and  he loved it. Another Pinterest idea. He looked so cute in it, I must say. Super fun! (Check out my blog post about this shirt if you would like to know details.)


  1. such a fun party! looks like it turned out to be a blast. we love M-I-C-K-E-Y here. new follower!


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