Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another frame and a candle-ish project

So I decided that I liked the other frame idea so much that I would make another one. I also really like the scrapbook paper that I got and had to figure out something to do with it. I am pretty happy with the results. I don't know if you can tell but it has little adhesive backed pearls on the edge of the red heart and dotting the "i" in mine. I love making these frames and they couldn't be any cheaper. Dollar store frames and 50% off scrapbook paper??!! How can you go wrong. I feel like making something similar for every holiday. I think I will probably take the main elements off the frames when I am done and add them to scrapbook pages. I just have to remember to actually take some pictures on Valentines day. (I don't usually do that, but should!)

The other project doesn't even really feel like a project to me. All I did was add some letters that I cut out with my Cricut die cutter and added some glitter to a heart and attached it. Tada! All done. I used the crystals that I had purchased at the dollar store and a votive and ribbon that I already had. Total project cost was $2. Though it is really difficult to see the red glittered heart which, in my opinion, is the cutest part.  I may try taking them out and seeing how it looks without them.

Last night I cut out several hearts out of the fabrics I bought and sewed and stuffed them. I just have to hand sew them closed and am planning on adding them to a wire cake stand I have. Should be done with that one by the end of the day and then I have another project planned for the metal tin that I have. I will check in again when that one is complete. :)

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