Monday, January 24, 2011

Free corkboard!

A friend of ours came over from Hanford to give us an estimate on getting our bathroom floors replaced (he is a contractor) and had just done a project for a friend and had some fabulous leftover corkboard type material. He asked if I could use it and I said yes, of course. I would be crazy not to take it!! There were two good sized pieces, so I gave one to my 8 year old (Sophie) and the other one to my 14 year old (Abby.) My 8 year old was feeling kinda creative this past weekend so we pulled out one of the pieces and got to decorating. I did giant bubble letters which I became somewhat of an expert at in junior high and high school. lol. I think I did all my signatures that way, just for fun. Sooooo, we used my Stampin'Up markers and colored in the letters and then that didn't seem to be enough so we glittered them too. Very appropriate for  my lover-of-bling daughter. I think it turned out really cute. We are still waiting for the last little bits of glue to dry and then we will move on to making some sort of pushpins with covers. I am thinking of breaking out the polymer clay and making some cute little hearts or something. We shall see. Those are for another day...

Thank you Loren for the cork. You can be sure it is being put to some good use. We appreciate it!


  1. this is really cute! your an inspiration with all your creative ideas. i just started my blog last year and hope i can interest as many people as you have!


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