Tuesday, January 18, 2011


     It is always a nice thing to be able to DECIDE to be in the snow. Something I am sure my east coast friends wish they could say. But, living in central California, we don't get it except for every 50 years or so. It has only happened once in my lifetime. Bummer, if you ask me. I like having snow around. Of course, I would probably feel differently if I had to shovel it from my driveway just to get in my car to go get milk or something. That doesn't sound like fun at all. Nonetheless, my family and my extended family met up near the giant sequoias to play and sled and make snowmen (see photo above- the effort of my 8 year old. Cute.) Even though we go every year or so, it never gets old. I hope that my kids will remember what fun we had up there. PLUS, they had the opportunity to throw snowballs at their dad and he had the opportunity to pretend that he was upset about it and then to retaliate. Haha! Funny to watch, that is for sure. Overall, a great day and a nice little trip for our long MLK weekend. :)

Still haven't finished my card for tonight's stamp gathering. I am not sure what I am waiting for. I need some focused inspiration NOW or I will run out of time. Not a good thing. We shall see if the cardmaking fairy will visit my house this morning. Let's hope...

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